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What Are My Payment Options?

March 1, 2018


You and your family’s dental health is our priority and we believe that you deserve to get dental treatment when you need it and not when you can afford it. Therefore Melton Dental Group has researched health payment plans and believe that currently DentiCare Payment Solutions is the simplest most cost effective option for you.

What is DentiCare?

DentiCare is a direct debit payment plan designed to pay for your dental treatment over a period of time. It is a fully automated payment plan that manages repayments with ease.

What are the benefits of DentiCare?

* No interest, no credit checks and no credit contracts or credit card applications
* No excessive forms to be completed
* Extended payment plan for up to 15 months
* Weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment options
* Choose from Credit card or Bank Account debits

How does DentiCare work?

* Meet with our dentist at Melton Dental and create a customised treatment plan to suit your needs.
* Decide and finalise the payment plan details such as the deposit, amount and frequency of payments.
*Complete the simple direct debit form and pay a 20% deposit to commence treatment.
* You can proceed with your treatment straight away. The first direct debit will come from your account on the date you nominated, and the regular direct debits will occur according to the frequency of payment agreed upon.

Am I Eligible for a DentiCare Payment Plan? 

To be eligible for a DentiCare payment plan you must meet the following requirements: 

  • Age: You must be over 18 years old. 
  • Employment Status: You should be currently employed. 
  • Bankruptcy Status: You should not be currently bankrupt.
  • Citizenship: You must be an Australian citizen.

Want to learn more about DentiCare payment plans? Contact our friendly team at Melton Dental and we will help you!