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Veneers vs. Bonding: Which One do You Need?

April 20, 2019

You’ve been bothered by your front teeth for years. In fact, you stopped smiling in photographs (or at least letting your teeth show) and rarely laugh in a group. You feel self-conscious about your smile and sadly, it’s starting to make people think you don’t like them.

What if you could dramatically, or even quickly, change the way your teeth looked so that you wouldn’t have to be so hesitant about letting them show?

Dental veneers and cosmetic bonding are both great solutions for addressing aesthetic flaws. But each works in a different way. Understanding the advantages of each can help you before planning treatment with our dentists at Melton Dental Group.

Quick (and Affordable) Bonding

Composite bonding uses tooth coloured resin to cover specific aesthetic flaws in teeth. It’s quick to apply and an affordable solution to consider. Numbing may not even be needed.

Bonding is ideal for teeth with a localized chip, uneven edge, small gap, etc. It is not meant for covering large areas on multiple teeth, because it isn’t as translucent or durable as porcelain.


Dazzling Veneer Designs

Veneers are the go-to solution when you need to dramatically change the appearance of multiple anterior (front) teeth. Because they’re made at the same time, the consistency in coloration and shape allows them to blend seamlessly together with your smile.

But, getting veneers is more detailed than having bonding. The treatment requires at least two appointments, and your underlying teeth will be prepped so that the restoration isn’t reversible. Choosing veneers means a lifelong investment.


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