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Planning a Smile Makeover

May 16, 2019

If you’re thinking about having some cosmetic dental work done, you probably want to know what the smile makeover process at Melton Dental Group looks like. While the experience is different for everyone, here’s what you can generally expect:

Discussing Your Concerns

What is it that you want to change about your smile the most? Do you have a chipped front tooth? A few crooked teeth? Maybe your enamel is starting to wear down or look stained?

Understanding what you dislike about your smile helps us to find the best solutions to transform it into something you love.

If you’re not sure what you don’t like, just tell us what you do!

Deciding on a Budget

Cosmetic dental treatments come in all shapes and sizes. There’s something for every budget. If you need to stick to something conservative and more affordable, that’s definitely an option. Having a budget in mind will help us to narrow down the best treatment options for your situation.

Flexible financing options are available, so that you can make low monthly payments and fit your smile makeover into your budget to get started straightaway.

Weighing Your Options

Finally, we’ll talk about which type of cosmetic and restorative treatments can help you address your aesthetic concerns. From tooth coloured fillings or bonding to dental implants and veneers, we’ll discuss how each option addresses and corrects the concern at hand.

In most cases, a smile makeover will involve a combination of various types of treatment – some of which are restorative, while others are simply cosmetic.

Getting a Treatment Plan

Once we have all of the information we need, Melton Dental Group will create a printed treatment plan that outlines the appointments, fees, and timeline of your smile makeover. From there, all you have to do is make the appointment!

Contact us today to get started.