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Is it OK to Wait For a Filling?

March 7, 2019

You just found out that you have a cavity. Fortunately, it’s not very large, and best of all, it doesn’t even hurt. Does that mean you need to have it filled straightaway, or is it ok to wait a while before scheduling treatment?

Before deciding one way or the other, here’s what you need to know:


Tooth Decay Always Gets Worse, Never Better

To date, it is impossible for active cavities to heal themselves. While minor enamel demineralization can be reversed, once it’s created an opening (or cavity) in the tooth structure, it is impossible for the area to repair itself. Over time, the cavity will only get larger. Don’t be caught off guard by DIY information found online that claims to heal cavities; in the end, you may find out that you need a root canal and crown when a small filling would have been just fine.


Even Abscessed Teeth May Never Hurt

Pain shouldn’t be an indicator of whether or not you need dental (or medical) intervention. Even a severely abscessed tooth may never hurt in some cases. Watch for other symptoms like rough edges, food catching between teeth, sensitivity to particular foods, or the tooth feeling “off.”


Cavities Can Expand into Nearby Teeth

Tooth decay is an active bacterial infection inside of your tooth. Not only can it grow larger, it can also spread to the adjacent teeth, “hopping” from one tooth to the next, where they touch one another. It’s better to place a small filling in one tooth than risk the chance of cavities in two, several months down the road.

Need a Second Opinion?

At Melton Dental Group, we’ve been serving families like yours for over 25 years. If you think you have a cavity or want a second opinion before getting a filling, we invite you to schedule a checkup with us!