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How Does Denture Relining Work?

May 16, 2022

Have your dentures started feeling loose and uncomfortable? If you’re not looking to get them completely replaced, this may mean that it’s time to get them relined! Denture relining is the process our Melton Dental dentists will take to ensure your dentures have a new, comfortable fit. Here’s a small guide on the denture relining process and what to expect:

How does it work?

Denture relining is a simple procedure that usually takes less than an hour to complete. The process begins with an assessment to help evaluate the current condition of your mouth and the level of irritation present. If your poorly fitted dentures have resulted in sores or swelling, a temporary reline may be necessary to allow your mouth to heal first.

When starting on a permanent reline, the first step would be to clean your dentures and sand down any material on the denture plate that is causing you discomfort. Once this is done, soft or hard relining resin will be applied to your dentures and placed back into your mouth for you to bite down gently in order to make an impression in the resin. Once this hardens, your relining is complete.

Hard denture relining

This is the preferred option when it comes to relining as it tends to last longer. You shouldn’t have to come in for another relining appointment for more than 1-2 years. Hard relining resin is made out of acrylic (much like your dentures are made out of). If your impression needs further development in order to get a perfect fit, it will be sent to a dental laboratory and will take more than one appointment.

Soft denture relining

Soft reline is the ideal option for individuals with highly sensitive gums or patients that suffer from gum recession/thin gums. Since it is made out of silicone, it acts as a softer and more comfortable base for your dentures and ensures no irritation. However, you might have to come in more regularly for relining appointments with this option.

Benefits of denture relining

An ill-fitted denture can give way to painful sores, gum irritation and general discomfort. Denture relining helps ensure that this irritation is taken care of, while allowing you to chew, bite and speak as you normally would without difficulties. Relining also tends to be more affordable than getting new dentures entirely.

The shape of your mouth inevitably changes over time. A denture relining is the best way to make sure your dentures are comfortably fitted like the day you first got them, without replacing them entirely! Want more information? Call our experienced staff at Melton Dental Group for more details.