Should you get dental veneers?

choosing veneers shade

Dental veneers are cosmetic restorations that our Melton dentist bonds to the front of your tooth, changing the way your smile looks. They’re often created in sets of six or more, depending on how many teeth are visible when you smile.

But are dental veneers right for you? Here are a few things to consider.

If Your Teeth are Healthy

Porcelain veneers aren’t meant to be a restorative treatment that corrects major decay or structural problems in your teeth. Rather, they’re limited to placing on teeth that are healthy and free of disease. If you have active cavities or gum disease, those concerns will need to be treated before moving on to any type of aesthetic procedure (especially veneers.)


If You Don’t Want Braces

Veneers can make your teeth look straighter, properly aligned, even, and fill in gaps between them. When you have minor to moderate misalignment, veneers may be a faster option than getting braces.

For a “Fast Fix”

Do you need your smile to look its best for an upcoming, important event? If you’re short on time, you’ll be glad to know that the process only takes a few visits to complete. Between the actual preparation visit to when your veneers are bonded in place, there’s only a span of about two weeks in-between.

If You’re Embarrassed by Your Smile

The way your teeth look can have a direct impact on your self-esteem, and consequently your social or private life. If you feel that enhancing the appearance of your smile can help you overcome self-consciousness, then talking to a dentist about getting cosmetic veneers could be a good place to start!

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