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Five reasons to choose sedation

May 19, 2018

At Melton Dental Group we understand that coming to the dentist is not a vacation. Dental health is very important and so is your comfort, which is why we offer sedation dentistry. Relaxation options such as this will not only allow you to have a better experience, but it will allow us to take better care of you.

Here are some reasons you may decide to choose sedation for your next dental procedure.

1.​Fear and Anxiety. Many people avoid the dentist out of nervousness. At Melton Dental Group we’ve been helping patients overcome their dental phobia for over 25 years. We understand that the things you see, the sounds you hear and what you smell can cause anxiety. This is something that can be avoided, simply by choosing sedation.

2.​Avoid Pain. Another thing that keeps people away is the common misconception that dentistry is always painful. If you are avoiding the dentist because you think that getting worked on will be uncomfortable, then you should consider being sedated so you won’t have to feel a thing.

3.​A Strong Gag Reflex. Our gag reflex is something that is very hard to control. If you have problems with this on a regular basis (like gagging when you brush your teeth) you will benefit from sedation.

4.​Claustrophobia is real. During dental procedures you have hands and instruments in your mouth. The use of a dental dam is also common. This is a rubber sheet that is laid over your mouth to isolate the tooth being worked on. For someone who is claustrophobic, this can be very difficult to handle. In some cases, these patients may feel like they can’t breathe, leading to a panic attack. Being sedated avoids all of these sensations and will also allow us to better care for you.

5.​Laying Still for Long Periods of Time is very hard for some people. Some procedures like root canal therapy can take quite a bit of time to complete. Being sedated will help the time pass by in an instance and you won’t get restless.

Avoiding dental care could mean that you need more complex and expensive treatment in the future. Our Melton dentists are happy to help you address that anxiety and access the care that you deserve. Call us today!