image man and child smiling at each other

Caring for your child’s smile

April 27, 2018


Your daughter just turned two. You’ve considered taking her to the dentist for the first time, but aren’t sure if it’s totally necessary just yet. What you do know is that you want her to avoid all of the anxiety and dental work that plagued you growing up.

Here’s what you need to know to ensure your child has a healthy smile that lasts well into adulthood:

Floss the Teeth That Touch

Cavities often form between the teeth. Although many children have spaces between their primary (baby) teeth, some do not. The crowded areas may tend to decay without parents realizing it. If the teeth touch side-by-side, floss them daily.


Help Them Brush

Most children love to be independent. But when it comes to tooth brushing, you need to follow up and make sure all of the areas were cleaned thoroughly. Allow your child to brush on their own, but then go back behind them and focus on the chewing surfaces and along the gumlines.


Choose the Right Toothpaste

A fluoridated toothpaste strengthens teeth and makes them more decay resistant. However, fluoride guidelines have changed. Now, medical and dental professionals recommend using a small, rice-sized smear of fluoridated toothpaste on toddlers, and then increasing it to a pea-sized dab once they are old enough to rinse on their own.


Encourage Children to Drink Water

Sipping on juice or milk throughout the day feeds bacteria inside of the mouth, increasing acid levels and the rate of decay. Between meals, encourage water instead.

Schedule a Dental Checkup Early On

Melton Dental Group works closely with parents to ensure their children have healthy smiles and avoid unnecessary treatments by incorporating preventative techniques starting at a young age. We recommend calling our Melton dentists to schedule a checkup by age one. After all, catching problems earlier makes them easier (and less intimidating) to correct.
Melton Dental Group proudly bulk bills children under the Child Dental Benefits Scheme. That means that you will have a 100% rebate for your child’s dental treatment. Our dentists have a special interest in treating children. Not only do they have the experience and expertise but they show the compassion and care that is required to treat young patients.
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