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We make your children love the dentist

Children’s dental health is our priority

The Melton Dental Group provides expert and professional dental care for children. At the Melton Dental Group we ensure that your children are treated in a safe and secure environment. We can provide an extremely comfortable experience for your child because we use the latest in dental research and technology.

Young patients are very important to us and as such we don’t just modify our adult treatments. We specifically tailor children’s treatments to gain their trust and ensure their cooperation and patience. Even the most nervous patients will feel comfortable and at ease at Melton Dental Group. We realize that children are still learning about how a dentist is important to their oral health. So, we make it a point to relieve their anxiety by informing them every step of the way and letting them get familiar with the dental environment, their friendly dentist and staff.

We will take charge of the entire process from beginning to end by diagnosing, treating, monitoring and consulting with you on the status of your child’s oral health. We will advise on preventative and/or restorative care to improve and rectify your child’s oral health. Melton Dental Group also ensures that your children have the best dental experience possible so that it will carry on into their adult years minimizing dental phobias or anxiety. At Melton Dental Group our goal is to ensure that your child has the best oral health for life.

For infants, we provide comprehensive oral health care including oral exams and risk assessments for both mother and child, preventative care including nutrition, cleaning and fluoride, infant oral habit counseling, assessment of and treatment of bite and teeth alignment, cavities and other damage or defects, disease related diagnosis (diabetes, ADHD, ect.), and management of gum disease and other disorders.

Being a child friendly dentist in Melton we know your child is important to you. You can rest assured we will exercise the same care with your child as you would. Contact the friendly team at Melton Dental Group to make an appointment today!

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