Tired of dealing with missing teeth and looking for a way to easily replace them? All-on-4 may be the best thing for you. All-on-4 implants are often referred to as ‘permanent dentures’ because they replace your teeth with ‘dentures’ but only require FOUR implants. 

Besides being permanent, acting like real teeth and only requiring four implants there are some other amazing benefits which include:

  • No risk of denture shifting or slipping
    Pretty self-explanatory, but there is no need to fear of your implants falling out, slipping or moving place and causing you issues that could temporarily harm your day or routine.

  • They maintain and support your facial features and cheek structure
    All-on-4 dental implants provide stability for your bone structure, ensuring your jaw doesn’t begin to break down. One thing that sets All-On-4 implants aside from traditional implants is that they never require bone grafting.

  • They are completely comfortable because they do not put pressure on your gums and they are much easier to eat with as you are able to bite forcefully so you can still enjoy all of your favourite foods
    From the very first day, you will find your implants are very comfortable. They won’t move when you eat, your bite will feel stronger, and the pressure will be equally distributed throughout your whole mouth. There are no foods you will not be able to eat, as they function like normal teeth so the ‘extra care’ and restrictions that come with dentures do not apply!

  • Improvement of quality of life…
    Patients have experienced improvements in their confidence, speech, eating habits, and SMILE! Confidence can actually be a major impact on your overall health and feeling your best is essential to living a happy life. 

If you are considering All-on-4, you can book in a free consultation with us at Melton Dental Group.



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