Maintain Your Dental Implants Post-Surgery with These 5 Steps

Dental implants are a lifelong investment when it comes to replacing your missing teeth. Sturdy and durable, you’ll want to make sure your dental implants are taken care of with the right after care to ensure they last for years to come. If you want your recovery to go smoothly, here are 5 steps you can take post-surgery:

Keep your mouth clean

One handy tip to keep your mouth free of any lingering bacteria and microorganisms is to hold saline water in your mouth and gently swish it around. Make sure you avoid aggressively swishing water around as this can aggravate your surgical site and cause damage. Saline water is widely used in the medical industry to treat wounds so this will definitely complement your recovery efforts.

Avoid hot beverages & spicy foods

Any dental treatment usually requires you to stay away from hot foods & beverages for a given healing period. You’ll feel increased sensitivity during this time, and will be more prone to gum irritation that will place added stress to your healing tissues if you consume hot foods and drinks. Make it a point to drink more cold water while you recover for some relief.

Slowly switch to solid meals

You’ll find it difficult to chew solid foods in the days following your surgery. Add more soft boiled foods into your diet that will be require far less chewing. As you find your jaws returning to normal functioning, you can gradually shift back to solid meals.

Keep an eye on bodily reactions

It’s quite normal for your body to have reactions to a surgery. You can usually expect slight swelling and tenderness after inserting your dental implants. We recommend placing an ice compress to your face to help with this. However, if your body experiences any different reactions to what your dentist has outlined, schedule a checkup as soon as you can!

Don’t brush aggressively

Regular brushing is still a must for your oral health but because of your increased sensitivity, we recommend waiting for a few days before brushing near the surgical site itself. Use a soft bristled toothbrush and brush gently to avoid irritating your healing surgical site.

At Melton Dental, we walk you through all the steps you need to ensure your recovery goes smoothly. Considering dental implants and need all the details? Call us today for more information or to schedule a consultation!

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