If it seems too good to be true, it probably is…

woman using Charcoal toothpaste

We have all heard the phrase ‘too good to be true’ and when it comes to extremely ‘cheap’ cosmetic dentistry, it most definitely is… 

We understand how important teeth are and how everyone wants to look their best, which is how beauty companies have taken advantage of societies vulnerabilities by releasing and endorsing DIY at-home teeth whitening procedures that are actually being warned against by the Australian Dental Association. 

Over the years we have seen toothpastes, LED lights, powders, strips, oils, gels and procedures make their way into the beauty market and onto shop shelves but people are not conducting their own research and are finding themselves with all kinds of injuries, most commonly chemical burns. 

This is what we know:

  • Charcoal toothpaste can actually erode enamel 
  • That $150 whitening session you’re getting from your friendly and local beautician has the equivalent strength to the teeth whitening kits you can buy from the chemist for $30 
  • Some DIY whitening products consist of baking soda and the hydrogen peroxide (bleach) and although these chemicals are used in professional and approved whitening products does not mean these are safe chemicals we should apply ourselves. 

But this is not the only issue we are facing.  

It is currently estimated that on average 10,000 Australians visit Asian countries each year for cheaper dentistry. Some procedures can be only a third of the price. But what’s the issue here? Dentists in other countries do not undergo the same training and practices that Australian dentists do and it cannot be guaranteed that their practices fit in with Australian standards and regulations. The sad reality is that although people are travelling and opting for cheaper procedures, majority of the time patients are ending up back at their local Australian dentist because they are needing to have things fixed and corrected. While there are no ‘specific’ studies that prove overseas dental treatment leads to poor outcomes, case studies do exist and there are stories out there for everyone to read. 

We understand that dental work can be costly and that is why cheaper alternatives are attractive to most, however it is not worth the risk of potential harm or future corrections and costs.

Sometimes prices may not be what they seem, and it is important to inquire and talk to your dentist about your concerns. There are always promotions and payment plans in place that will help you get the work you want or need, at those times – not just when you can afford it.  

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