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Benefits of wearing an athletic mouthguard

July 16, 2018

At Melton Dental Group, we recommend having a custom mouth-guard made for our patients involved in athletic activities. Whether it’s football, gymnastics, or something else, a mouthguard is one of the most important pieces of protective equipment that you can invest in.


Reduced Risk of Concussions

 How is your mouth connected with the risk of concussions? It actually has to do with your jaw. During a traumatic injury, the jaw can get pushed backward and up into the skull, which can cause concussion. Wearing a specially designed custom mouth guard prevents this from happening and significantly lowers your risk of concussion during an athletic injury.


Prevent Knocked Out or Broken Teeth

A custom made athletic mouth guard can keep your teeth safe in the event of a fall, elbow to the mouth, or ball that’s coming at you through the air. It’s durable enough to withstand the blow so that the teeth under your mouthguard don’t get chipped, broken, or knocked loose.


Preserve the Treatment You’ve Invested In

Have you recently completed treatment like cosmetic veneers? A new crown on your front tooth? It’s just as important to protect your dental work as it is to protect the teeth around them.


Fewer Lip Lacerations

A busted lip is usually because of the trauma of what’s hitting it, or it can occur as a result of your teeth being pushed into the inside of your lip. Having a protective guard over your front teeth will protect your upper lip as well as your teeth!

Why a Custom Fitted Appliance?

The customised mouthguards we make at Melton Dental Group are specifically moulded to your unique smile. This provides better protection and a more secure fit if and when trauma occurs. A loose guard bought in stores may not stay in place and will not be as useful in guarding against concussions.

Protect your family and yourself! Call Melton Dental Group on 03 9743 4922 to get your customised mouthguard today!